Urology Billings

Urology Billings

Comprehensive Urology Billing Solutions Enhancing Urology Medical Billing Services at Velan Healthcare

Velan Health Care Services offers the Best Urology Billing Services in USA. We are here to provide a comprehensive revenue cycle management catering to urology practices. With certified urology coders and adherence to billing guidelines, we streamline processes & reduce denials.

Expert Urology Billing & Coding

We specialize in outsourcing urology billing services and coding. With it, we are ensuring accurate coding of procedures and adherence to billing regulations.

Comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management

Our services comply with the entire revenue cycle for urology practices. This ranges from outsourcing claim submissions and denial management to prior authorization services.

Outsourcing Urology Billing Services

Feel free to outsourcing our urology billing services. Our practices benefit you from our expertise in accurate coding. We adhere all standard regulations, and help with efficient revenue cycle management.

Certified Billing Specialists

Our team consists of certified urology coders and billing specialists. Our team upholds with extensive experience in outsourcing urology billing audits.


Why We? Why Choose Us? Optimize Your Urology Revenue Cycle

Experience the pinnacle of urology billing expertise with our comprehensive solutions tailored for your practice's success.

Streamlined Urology Coding Accuracy

Ensure precise urology coding for maximum reimbursement and compliance with our streamlined solutions.

Efficient Urology Claims Management

Minimize urology claim denials and maximize revenue with our efficient claims management solutions.

Transparent Communication for Urology Billing

Experience open communication and personalized support for all your urology billing compliance needs with our transparent solutions.

Tailored Urology Revenue Cycle Optimization

Optimize your urology revenue cycle with tailored solutions designed to improve financial performance and efficiency.

Expert Urology Denial Management

Identify and resolve urology claim denials efficiently to enhance revenue collection and practice efficiency with our expert solutions.

Comprehensive Urology Accounts Receivable Management

Efficiently manage urology insurance and patient receivables to ensure timely payments and cash flow with our comprehensive solutions.

Unlock Urology Revenue Potential!


Urology claims processing Comprehensive Urology Billing Benefits

Ensures Financial Stability

Highest Accuracy

We ensure accurate Urology billing and coding with our meticulous attention to detail in our specialized Urology billing services.

Claim Denials & Errors

Consistent Quality Check

We maintain excellence through our rigorous quality checks at every stage of our Urology insurance billing services.

Revenue Cycle Management

HIPAA Compliance

Using our Urology practice billing services assures your data is protected with HIPAA-compliant practices, ensuring the security and confidentiality of patient information.

Compliance & Reporting

Effective Cost Saving

You’ll achieve significant cost savings with the best service quality by utilizing our specialized Urology billing services.


Urology revenue cycle management Comprehensive Urology Coding Services

Urologic Diagnosis Billing Services

  • Urinalysis & Urine
  • Assess The Kidney Health &
  • X-Rays, Ultrasounds, Or CT Scans To The
    Urinary System.
  • Microscopic Examination To Diagnose The Conditions.
  • Visual Examination Called
    The Cystoscopy.

Urologic Treatment Billing Services

  • Prescribed To Treat The Utis, Bladder Issues, Or Other Urologic Conditions.
  • Techniques Like Cystoscopy With Stone Removal For Minimal Disruption.
  • Surgery Performed For Kidney Stones & The Prostate Cancer.
  • Laser Therapy Used For Treating The Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia.
  • Management Of Cancers Related To The Urinary System.

Urologic Men's Health Billing Services

  • Evaluation & Treatment Of The Erectile Dysfunction.
  • Hormone Replacement For Men With The Testosterone Deficiency.
  • Permanent Birth Control Procedure.
  • Testicular Cancer With Screening & Treatment.
  • Tests To Identify Prostate Cancer & Determining The Appropriate Course Of Action.

Urological billing company Expert Urology Billing Services For Healthcare Providers

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