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Occupational Therapy Best Occupational Therapy Billing Services in USA We Offers Best Services Catering Your Needs

We at Velan HCS, are providing health Institutions with best of Occupational Therapy Billing Services in USA. We offers best, Accurate and also ensure consistent cash flow with our Occupational Therapy Billing Services.

Coding & Claim Submission

We focus on accurately assigning the specific codes (HCPCS Level II) to the occupational therapy services. We also ensure submitting claims to insurance companies for reimbursement.

Revenue Cycle Management

This component deals with the entire financial flow of your occupational therapy practice. This may include the tasks like scheduling appointments, verifying insurance eligibility & managing denials.

Denial Management

This component focuses on identifying and addressing claim denials from insurance companies. It involves reviewing denials, correcting any errors, and resubmitting claims.

Compliance & Audits

This component ensures your billing practices adhere to all federal regulations and coding guidelines. It may involve preparing for potential audits from insurance companies or government agencies.

What You Get?

What We Do Therapy Billing Services? Why Choose Superior Occupational
Therapy Billing with Velan’s Care

We at Velan HCS, are offering with the best of Occupational Therapy Billing Services. We do something amazing that allow you avail benefits that exceeds your expectations.

Accurate Therapy Coding & Billing

We take the burden off your shoulders by handling all aspects of occupational therapy billing.

Comprehensive RCM in Therapy Billing

Our team manages your entire financial flow ensuring Comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management.

Expert Denial Management for Therapy Billing

We don't let denials slow you down. Our specialists identify and address claim denials promptly.

Compliance & Audit Support for Therapy Billing

We maintain the accuracy with ensure that Therapy billing practices are compliant with all regulations.

Best Solutions for Pediatric & Adult OT

We covers you all, we have the expertise and understanding to meet your specific billing needs.

Outsource Occupational Therapy Billing

We offer competitive rates and transparent billing practices for outsourcing our occupational therapy billing services.

Discover the Power of Velan Healthcare Services in Enhancing Your Occupational Therapy Billing! Explore Our Solutions Today!


Occupational Therapy Practice Management Software Services What Benefits You’ll Get? After Having Our Occupational Therapy Reimbursement Rates

boost revenue

Boost Revenue

Accurate coding maximizes what you get paid for each patient.

fast claim

Fast Claims

Get paid quicker with our streamlined claims processing system.

effective cash flow

Rapid Reimbursement

Enjoy timely reimbursements to keep your cash flow healthy.

cost effective


Reduce expenses with our competitive rates and improved efficiency.


Advanced Solutions for Occupational Therapy Billing Services We Cover Everything under Occupational Therapy Billing We Ensure Nothing Get Left Behind

Reimbursement with Accurate Coding

  • Evaluation & Assessment (97165, 97166, 97167).
  • Therapeutic Exercise (97110).
  • Activities Of Daily Living (Adl) Training (97530, 97535).
  • Neuromuscular Re-Education (97112).
  • Modalities (97032, 97033, Etc.).

Streamlined Revenue Cycle Management

  • Initial Evaluation & Coding (97165, 97110).
  • Documentation & Charge Capture (97150, 97153).
  • Claim Submission & Tracking (All Codes).
  • Denial Management (All Codes).
  • Payment Posting & Reconciliation (All Codes).

Comprehensive Compliance & Audit Support

  • Internal Coding Audits (All Codes)
  • Mock Audits & Code Review (All Codes).
  • Regulatory Updates & Education (All Codes).
  • Secure Data Storage & HIPAA Compliance (All Codes).
  • Peace Of Mind Across (All Codes).

Mastering Occupational Therapy Billing Challenges Addressing Hurdles in Occupational Therapy Billing Services

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Accreditations of Therapy Billing Regulation & Certification for Therapy Billing Services


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