Patient Statement Process in Medical Billing


Patient Statement Process Looking For Streamlined Patient Statement Processing In Medical Billing USA?

Discover how Velan Healthcare simplifies your patient statement process in medical billing in the USA. Our comprehensive solutions cover every aspect of statement generation and delivery, ensuring accuracy and efficiency throughout the billing cycle.


How Often Should Patients Receive A Billing Statement? Why Choose Our Patient Statement Process Services?

We offer extensive patient statement services, generating statements every 15 days for faster payments.

Patient Account Setup

Patient Account Setup

We establish patient accounts, ensuring accuracy and full HIPAA compliance.

Accurate Invoice Creation

Accurate Invoice Creation

The healthcare provider must then document the medical services that were provided to the injured worker.


Patient Statement Generation

We craft easy-to-understand patient statements, complete with payment due dates.

Timely Statement Delivery

Timely Statement Delivery

Patient statements are promptly mailed out to ensure timely payment of invoices.

Payment Tracking

Transparent Payment Tracking

We meticulously track payments and outstanding balances, maintaining precise records of invoice history.

Denial Management for Claims

Account Management

Efficiently managing accounts allows you to concentrate on delivering quality healthcare services.


Why Patient Statements Are Important? How Can Our Patient Collection Services Benefit Your Practice?

At Velan HCS, we understand the vital role reliable patient collection services play in your healthcare practice. Our comprehensive suite of services can enhance both your revenue cycle and your business's financial health.

Patient Communication & Engagement

Velan HCS offers cutting-edge communication tools for seamless patient engagement. Our platform delivers customized messages and crucial updates, ensuring a transparent channel of communication that fosters positive relations between your practice and your patients

Upfront Cost Estimates

Our patient collection services provide accurate and upfront cost estimates, empowering patients to make informed decisions about their healthcare expenses. Clear financial expectations build trust and reduce surprises, ultimately contributing to enhanced patient satisfaction.

Payment Plans

Recognizing the financial challenges medical expenses can bring, Velan HCS offers tailored and flexible payment plans. Our services empower patients to handle healthcare bills within their budget, promoting financial responsibility.

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How our services shine? Outsourcing Our Patient Statement Process

Thinking about your hospital appointment? Then, think us!

Minimize Bad Debts

Minimize Bad Debts

We swiftly generate patient statements and clearly outline amounts due, reducing bad debts.

Speedy Payments

Speedy Payments

Our efficient statement process ensures patients get their statements promptly, leading to quicker payments.

Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Outsourcing to Quintessence means significant cost savings.

High-Quality Statements

High-Quality Statements

Accuracy and clarity are our priorities.

Patient & Provider Satisfaction

Well-designed statements boost patient satisfaction and trust.

Provider Satisfaction

Timely Statement Generation

We ensure statements are prompt and delivered within expectations.

Timely Statement

Statement Printing

Our advanced printing infrastructure handles large volumes efficiently.


Consolidated Balances

Our Payments Control tool consolidates patient balances from various sources.


Understanding Patient Billing Statements Unlock The Potential Of Our Patient Statement Services Transform Your Revenue Cycle Today!

Statement Services

  • Print & Mail Services.
  • Statement Printing.
  • Statement Mailing.
  • Implementation Of Patient Portals.
  • Addressing Patient Inquiries.

Patient Statement Generation Services

  • Prompt Communication.
  • Efficient Payments.
  • High-Quality Statements.
  • Fast Turnaround Time.
  • Financial Transparency.

Components for Patient Statements

  • Secure Patient Statement Practices.
  • Provide Complete Access To Patients.
  • Prioritize Patient Needs.
  • Clarify Your Brand Identity.
  • Offer Clear Payment Options.

Precise Patient Statements Minimize Errors & Maximize Clarity With Our Patient Statements Services


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Compliance Understanding Certifications & Regulations in Medical Billing Processes at Velan Healthcare Services


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