Radiology Medical Billing Services


Radiology Medical Billing Services We Offers The Best Radiology Medical Billing Services In USA

At Velan HCS, we are offering the best radiology medical billing services in the USA. Our expertise ensures the accurate coding and prompt reimbursement. This will allow you to focus on delivering the exceptional patient care.

Radiology Services

Our specialized team handles all aspects of radiology billing. These aspects may ranges from basic diagnostic imaging to advanced interventional procedures. With it, we ensure the optimal revenue management for your practice.

Diagnostic Imaging

We accurately code and submit claims for various diagnostic imaging services. We do it with the best and precise attention to detail. This includes the MRI, CT scans, ultrasound, and X-rays. In the end, it helps to maximizing the reimbursements.

Digital Radiography

We are dedicated to utilizing the cutting-edge digital radiography technology. We are streamlining the billing process for digital X-rays with it. Also we are enhancing the efficiency and accuracy in claim submission and reimbursements.

Radiology Reports

At Velan HCS, our experienced coders are there to ensure the precise coding services. We are also submitting the radiology reports & facilitating it with timely reimbursement. It will helps us by minimizing the denials.


Our Services Which Sub-Services Enhance Our Top-Tier Radiology Billing In USA?

Now you can also explore our comprehensive radiology billing service. We are offering the range of sub-services. These services are dedicated to meet the diverse needs of your practice.

Radiology Interpretations

At Velan, we perform the accurate coding and submission of radiology interpretations. By doing so, we ensure the timely reimbursement and compliance. It also helps us by supporting efficient operations for your radiology practice.

Radiology Consultations

The expert consultations and second opinions by our radiology specialists also covered under our services. This also enhances the patient care and revenue optimization. It works by providing the valuable insights for diagnostic and treatment planning.

Radiology Imaging Modalities

At Velan HCS, we are handling the billing for various radiology imaging modalities. This may ranges from MRI to PET scans. With all these, we try to ensure the comprehensive reimbursement and financial stability for your medical imaging center.

Medical Imaging Center

At Velan HCS, our billing service supports the medical imaging centers. Also they helps with streamlined processes and dedicated solutions. They are made to maximizing the revenue potential and operational efficiency.

Radiology Exams

At Velan HCS, our efficient billing for a wide range of radiology exams is the best. It includes the X-rays, CT scans, and ultrasounds. With it, we try to ensure the accurate reimbursement. Also it helps you with financial success of your practice.

Radiology Specialists

At Velan HCS, our team of radiology billing experts are specialized in coding and billing for radiology services. With this, we are providing the personalized support. We are doing it to optimize the revenue and minimize the denials.

With Velan Healthcare Services Extensive Experience And Recognized Expertise In Radiology Billing, How Do They Ensure The Highest Standards Of Authoritativeness And Trustworthiness For Their Clients?


We Are Advantageous What Key Benefits Does Our Radiology Medical Billing Offer In USA?


Optimized Revenue Cycle Management

Streamlined processes for efficient revenue management and financial success.

denial management

Secured Denial Management

Proactive approach minimizes revenue loss, ensuring financial stability.


70% Raise in Reimbursement

Significant increase in reimbursements leads to improved financial performance.


Enhanced Accuracy

Meticulous coding and submission ensure precision and revenue optimization.


Our Strategy What Coding Strategy Ensures Optimal Radiology Medical Billing Results In USA?

Continuous Education & Training

  • Regular Training By Certified Instructors.
  • Participation In Industry Workshops.
  • Access To Online Learning Resources.
  • Peer-To-Peer Learning Sessions.
  • Integration Into Onboarding & Development Programs.

Advanced Technology Integration

  • State-Of-The-Art Coding Software.
  • Machine Learning For Pattern Analysis.
  • Integration With EHR Systems.
  • Cloud-Based Collaboration Platforms.
  • Mobile Applications For Remote Coding.

Regular Audits & Quality Assurance

  • Internal Audits By Certified Auditors.
  • External Auditing Services.
  • Quality Assurance Protocols.
  • Collaboration With Clinical Teams.
  • Development Of Corrective Action Plans.

Our Services How Do We Smartly Handle Challenges To Safeguard Your Claim Approval?


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