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At Velan Healthcare Services, we specialize in maximizing reimbursements and streamlining the claims process for workers compensation and personal injury cases. Our dedicated team ensures accuracy, compliance, and efficiency, allowing you to focus on providing exceptional care.

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Before any medical services are rendered, the healthcare provider must obtain authorization from the workers' compensation insurance carrier.



The healthcare provider must then document the medical services that were provided to the injured worker.



The healthcare provider must then code the medical services that were provided. This coding includes (HCPCS) codes and (ICD) codes.



The bill includes all of the information that was listed above, as well as the amount that is being billed for the services.

A/R Billing for Claims

A/R Billing for Claims

Optimize Workers' Comp and Injury Claims Billing with Velan Healthcare's Comprehensive A/R Billing Solutions.

Denial Management for Claims

Denial Management for Claims

Effectively manage denials in Workers' Compensation and Personal Injury Claims with Velan Healthcare's specialized Denial Management services.


Billing Expertise Discover Velan's Comprehensive Workers' Comp Billing Solutions?

Velan Healthcare offers specialized billing services for Workers' Comp and Injury Claims, ensuring streamlined processes, increased revenue optimization, and expert denial management.

Streamlined Billing Processes

Velan Healthcare ensures efficient and streamlined Workers' Comp and Injury Claims Billing, saving time and resources.

Increased Revenue Optimization

Maximize revenue potential with Velan Healthcare's comprehensive billing services tailored for Workers' Comp and Injury Claims.

Expert Denial Management

Benefit from expert denial management strategies to enhance claims success rates and revenue collection in Velan Healthcare's services.

Boost Revenue, Streamline Processes with Velan Healthcare's Expert Workers' Comp Billing. Let Us Manage Denials.
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Worker Benefits Explore Velan's Workers' Comp Billing What Benefits Await?

Thinking about your hospital appointment? Then, think us!

Discover the Advantages

Discover the Advantages

Uncover the benefits awaiting your workers with Velan's expert billing services.

Understanding Worker Benefits

Understanding Worker Benefits

Delve into how Velan optimizes worker benefits through meticulous billing strategies.

Velan's Workers' Comp Billing

Velan's Workers' Comp Billing

Unlock the potential advantages for your employees with Velan's specialized billing solutions.

Certified Coding Experts

Maximize Worker Benefits

Maximize the advantages for your workers through Velan's tailored compensation billing.

Velan's Workers' Comp Billing Services

Elevate your employees' benefits with Velan's dedicated workers' comp billing services.

Certified Coding Experts

Unveiling Worker Benefits

Discover superior benefits for your workers by partnering with Velan for comprehensive billing.

Certified Coding Experts

Optimize Worker Benefits

Leverage Velan's advanced billing solutions to optimize benefits for your workers.

Certified Coding Experts

Advantages Galore

Experience a multitude of advantages with Velan's workers' comp billing, enhancing benefits for your workforce.

Certified Coding Experts

Types of Workers Compensation Medical Billing Exploring Diverse Workers' Comp Medical Billing Basic To Tailor

Basic Workers

  • We Document All Medical Services For Worker Injuries.
  • We Ensure Accurate & Detailed Records For Claims.
  • Maintain Efficient Processing Charges For Treatments & Consultations.
  • We Assign Appropriate Billing Codes For Workers' Injuries.
  • Verifying Coverage With Workers' Compensation Insurance Providers.

Advanced Workers Compensation

  • We Conduct Thorough Audits For Compliance With Regulations.
  • We Also Provide Comprehensive Training On Coding Standards.
  • Expert Management Of Prior Authorizations & Referrals.
  • We Also Assist With Credentialing & Provider Enrollment For Workers' Care.
  • We Implement Robust Workers Comp Revenue Cycle Management Strategies.

Tailored Workers Compensation

  • We Tailor Billing Meet Specific Workplace Healthcare Needs.
  • We Develop Customized Coding & Documentation Practices.
  • We Help In Improvement Of Existing Medical Practice Management Systems.
  • We Offer Dedicated Account Management For Personalized Support.
  • We Have Flexible Pricing & Service Options.

Compensation Mastery Explore Our Comprehensive Workers' Comp Billing Coverage


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Navigating Compliance Standards Regulations & Aggregations For Workers' Comp & Injury Billing


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