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Efficient AR Billing How Can Velan Healthcare Improve Your Ar Billing Efficiency?

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AR Services How Can Velan Healthcare Optimize Your Accounts Receivable Processes?

We at Velan Health Care Services are providing the best Accounts Receivable Medical billing Services in USA. Our services involve many sub-services such as managing the process of submitting, processing, and following up on claims with health insurance companies and many more. These services are dedicated to receive payment for services provided by healthcare providers.

Claim Submission

Claim Submission
& Management

We at Velan, are efficiently preparing and submitting claims to insurance companies. For these services, we are also ensuring the accuracy and compliance with standard regulations.

Payment Posting

Payment Posting
& Reconciliation

We are always focused on the recording and tracking payments received from insurance companies. We also ensure the patients, reconciling discrepancies, and updating patient accounts.

Denial Management & Appeals

Denial Management & Appeals

We are expert in identifying and resolving claim denials and appealing rejected claims. With our these services, we are maximizing your reimbursement.

Patient Billing & Follow-Up

Patient Billing & Follow-Upn

We are generating the patient statements, managing inquiries, and following up on outstanding balances. We are doing everything for ensure timely payments.

Plan-specific Verification

Revenue Cycle Analysis

Again, we are expert in analyzing revenue cycle performance. We also handed in identifying the inefficiencies in codes, and implementing strategies. We do all of it to optimize the revenue flow.

Compliance & Regulatory Adherence

Compliance & Regulatory Adherence

We are the abreast of evolving healthcare regulations. With our best of compliances, we are ensuring that billing practices comply with industry standards and legal requirements.


AR Billing Services How Can Velan Healthcare Optimize Your Accounts Receivable Processes?

Proactive Management

We are continually observing all your medical accounts payable and identify potential problems, which make us collect payments promptly from every insurance company. This involves duties like trails on delayed payment, resolution of issues in insurance billing, among other things.

Patient Communication

We deal with the patients on matters regarding medical bills. This encompasses sending of unambiguous and clear statements of bills, answering customer inquiries about their balances, making available flexible payment options and solving any issues related to billing.

Comprehensive Reporting

We offer a full range of comprehensive reports that can be tailored to meet your needs for medical accounts receivable. We monitor how quickly payments are collected, analyze the age of claims based on the payers type and track trends, in denied claims, for all services provided.

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Why Choose AR Billing? Why Opt For Accounts Receivable Medical Billing Services?

Maximized Reimbursements

Maximized Reimbursements

This enables proper coding and claim submission that lead to reduced rejections and faster repayments.

Streamlined Operations Management

Decreased Cash Write-Offs

Through efficient management of accounts receivable, we lower the risk of uncollectible invoices.


Higher Collection Percentage

Our employees handle unpaid bills and solve
discrepancies in billing records, thus improving the collection rate.


Billing Process Systematized

Our A/R services automate repetitive tasks while ensuring compliance with laws that are constantly changing.

Lower Administrative Hassles

By outsourcing, management of billing staff, payroll, and software related concerns are shifted elsewhere resulting in cost savings.


Better Productivity of the Staff

The internal team can then spend more time with patients and improve their level of satisfaction.


Reporting In Real Time

These A/R services have wide-ranging reports concerning major indicators that enable you to monitor performance and identify areas for improvement.


Minimization of Errors

To minimize errors in claim submission experienced A/R professionals ensure accurate coding.


Procedure How Do We Ensure Top-Notch Medical Billing
Services? Discover Our Strategy!

Initial Evaluation

  • Unpaid Bills Review.
  • Individual Claim Examination.
  • Compliance Check.
  • Unrecoverable Claims Identification.
  • Accounts Receivable Analysis.
  • Claim Reconciliation.

Analysis & Prioritizing

  • Challenging Claims Assessment.
  • Underpaid Claims Prioritization.
  • Claim Investigation & Categorization.
  • Underpayment Recovery Assessment.
  • Urgency-Based Claim Prioritization.
  • Recovery Strategy Development.


  • Error Verification.
  • Accuracy Assurance.
  • Compliance Adherence.
  • Payment Recording.
  • Detailed Billing.

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