Authorization Services


Optimal Authorization Process How Does Velan Ensure The Best Authorization Process In The USA?

Velan's services make the complex healthcare authorization workflows easier to handle in a more efficient and compliant manner.

automated piror auth

Automated Prior Authorizations

Our prior authorization requests receive instant approval on payer systems without any delay.

rule based

Rule-Based Authorization Routing

Our intelligent rules are used to determine which review queue should take priority for authorization requests based on predetermined criteria.

real time status tracking

Real-Time Status Tracking

Real-time tracking can help you intervene in authorizations before it is too late and allocate resources better.

denial management

Denial Management

Our extensive denial management process minimizes denials and enhances revenue cycle performance.


Regulatory Compliance Assurance

We strictly follow regulatory guidelines for proper authorization documentation.

performance analytics

Performance Analytics

We provide analytics dashboards with detailed insights into our authorization operations aimed at enabling data-driven optimization measures.

authorization specialists

Dedicated Authorization Specialists

We have experienced professionals who handle authorizations accurately, legally and efficiently.


Seamless Payer Connectivity

It helps in terms of approval related information sharing as we have a tight integration with payer systems.


What Services? How Does Velan Handle Authorization
Procedures? Our Services Covered
You All

Velan's authorization services adhere to an outlined process to guarantee complaint handling of authorization requests.

Prior Authorization Services

We at Velan HCS, are offering the best of prior authorization services. Our prior services involve obtaining approval from insurance companies or healthcare payers. These approvals we take before certain medical services, procedures, medications, or treatments can be performed or provided to the patients.

Retro Authorization Services

We are also offering our clients with the Retro authorization Services. Our services are also known as retrospective authorization. These services involve seeking approval from payers after a medical service or treatment has already been provided.

Payer Connectivity

We effectively connect with payers to help streamline the integration with payer systems, for submitting authorizations and attachments via data channels. This guarantees real time monitoring to promptly address any issues and secure approvals.

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What Benefits? What Are The Key Benefits Of Our Authorization
Process? That You'll Be Availing In Minutes!

revenue generation

Optimized Revenue Generation

We provide effective denial management procedures to reduce denials and address underpayments to enhance revenue generation.

compliance with regulations

Compliance with Regulations

We strictly follow authorization regulations and guidelines.


Efficient Operations

Through automation of workflows and smooth communication with payers we streamline authorization processes for increased efficiency.

minimized administrative tasks

Minimized Administrative Tasks

Our smart routing and expert teams decrease tasks and administrative responsibilities related to authorizations.

Continuous Monitoring

Our analytics dashboards provide insights for monitoring and enhancement of authorization operations.

continuous monitoring

Improved Patient Care Experience

Timely authorization approvals support prompt care delivery enhancing the patient experience.

patient care

Data Driven Decision Making

Insightful analytics reports aid in making decisions for optimizing the authorization processes.

decision making

Expert Clinical Knowledge

Specialized clinical teams with, in depth knowledge of payer requirements conduct guideline based authorization reviews.


Authorization billing Procedure How We Handle Authorization Requests? Our Streamlined Approach

Intake & Validation

  • We Collect All Required Data Elements For Authorization.
  • We Also Verify Completeness & Accuracy Of Information.
  • We Map Data To Standardized Formats.
  • We Ensure Compliance With Regulatory Requirements.
  • We Also Perform Comprehensive Intake Validation Checks.

Clinical Review Workflow

  • We Route Requests To Specialized Review Queues.
  • We Even Leverage Intelligent Rule Engines & Criteria.
  • We Evaluate Against Evidence-Based Guidelines.
  • We Possess Dedicated Clinical Experts.
  • We Always Adhere To Payer-Specific Policies.

Denial Management

  • We Identify Potential Denials Proactively.
  • We Initiate Peer-To-Peer Reviews When Needed.
  • We Facilitate Appeals & Overturns.
  • We Analyze Denial Trends & Root Causes.
  • We Implement Preventive Measures.

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Regulations of Authorization Billing Services We Adhere All Standard Regulations & Guidance


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