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Velan Healthcare is one of the leading ophthalmology billing service providers in the USA. We have a dedicated team committed to ensuring claims get paid as fast as possible. We deliver our service with competence, maintaining an enhanced level of satisfaction.

Insurance Eligibility Verification Service

We verify patient eligibility for ophthalmology services and review insurance policies and the benefits associated with them. Then we calculate co-payments and deductions.

Charge Entry Services

The crucial charge entry process is assigned to patient accounts based on coding and fee schedules. Our team at Velan Healthcare Medical Billing specializes in accurate demographic and charge entry services.

Efficient AR Follow-up Services

Save time and effort by following up on all accounts of unpaid claims and minimizing AR delays. Our expert ophthalmology billing specialists manages ophthalmology accounts.

Payment Posting Service

Our payment posting is the frontline defense against payment issues. Denials relayed to medical necessity, non-covered services, and prior authorization are swiftly identified to our team.

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Best Ophthalmology Medical Billing Company Optimizing Ophthalmology Medical
Billing with Velan Healthcare Services

Our ophthalmology medical billing service offers a complete solution for revenue cycle management. We
specialize in precise billing and coding, prioritizing timely submissions. Our specialists with advanced technology,
ensure reimbursement for our clients.

Improve Collections By Up To 20%

Our comprehensive approach has consistently been shown to improve collections by up to 20% for our clients.

Continual Review Of Codes

We are always up-to-date with reviewing diagnostic and procedural codes. This ensures that we are following the latest coding guidelines.reducing the risk of denials and rejections due to outdated codes.

Reduction in Denials & Rejections

By combining our expertise in billing with thorough account evaluation, we reduce the occurrence of denials and rejections.

Accelerate Cash Flow

Our efficient billing processes accelerate cash flow for optometry practices. We understand the importance of revenue stream and our proactive approach.

Reduce Administrative Costs

Outsourcing medical billing reduces administrative costs and improves revenue. Our team handles all aspects of billing and coding, allowing clients to focus on providing patient care without administrative burden.

Ensure Billing Compliance

Staying compliant with healthcare regulations is crucial, and Velan healthcare experts are well-versed in billing compliance. We follow strict guidelines to ensure that all practices adhere to industry standards.

Partner with Velan Healthcare to enjoy end-to-end ophthalmology medical billing & coding service.

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Improved Collections & Income

Maximize your practice's revenue with meticulous billing processes and optimized coding for increased reimbursements.


Accelerated Payments & Reduced Stress

Quicken your cash flow with our streamlined billing system, ensuring prompt payments and reduced waiting times.


Accessibility To Your Patient Data

Access comprehensive patient data and financial insights on business hours, anywhere with our advanced systems.


Full Financial & Practice Management

Gain valuable insights like workflows, and expenses into your practice's performance with detailed financial and management reports.


Your Ophthalmology Billing Company Customized Ophthalmology Billing Maximize Reimbursement Effortlessly with Velan Healthcare!

Ophthalmology Diagnostic Billing

  • FiComprehensive Eye Exams For Vision Assessment.
  • Retinal Imaging For Detailed Retina Examination.
  • Visual Field Testing For Detecting Peripheral Vision Issues.
  • Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) For Retina & Optic Nerve Imaging.
  • Corneal Topography For Mapping Cornea Curvature.

Ophthalmology Treatment Billing

  • Prescription Eyeglasses Or Contact
  • Cataract Surgery For Lens Replacement.
  • Glaucoma Treatments Including Eye Drops Or Surgery.
  • Laser Eye Surgery (LASIK) For Vision Correction.
  • Retinal Photocoagulation For Diabetic Retinopathy Treatment.

Ophthalmology Preventive Care Billing

  • Regular Eye Exams For Early Detection Of Eye Diseases.
  • Diabetic Eye Screening For Patients With Diabetes.
  • Macular Degeneration Monitoring & Management.
  • Pediatric Eye Exams For Children's Vision Health.
  • Eye Safety Education & Protective Eyewear Recommendations.
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