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Our Solutions

Patient Services

It is highly critical that the process be carried out in an efficient and timely manner

Billing Services

These codes in turn play a crucial part in the part of medical claim

Payment Services

We provide analysis that helps our customers introduce corrective measures

Account Receivables Management

The importance of account receivables in the growth of a firm/practise cannot be overstressed

Denial Management

This service is solely dedicated to minimize the loss of reimbursements due to denied claims that are never resubmitted


The best part about co sourcing is that it can be a solution in any business process from billing


Accelerated Cash Flow

Claims are processed and submitted within two business days. Delight follow-up with insurance companies ensure quicker revenue for practices.

Increase Patient Base

Providers have more time to give quality care to their patients and build practices.

Improve Resource Utilization

Engagaing Velan's reliable healthcare services free up providers staff and allow them to focus on value added services to patient.