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At Velan HCS, we offer specialized services to elevate your practice's efficiency and patient experience. Our Medical Records Process ensures secure digitization. Streamline billing with our Patient Statement Process and enjoy hassle-free revenue cycle management with our AR Clean-up service, maximizing reimbursements smoothly.


What We Do? We Are Offering Best Billing Solutions
In USA Commitment, Management,

At Velan HCS, we are offering the Best of Medical Billing Solutions for our clients in USA. With our comprehensive solutions, efficiency enhancement and revenue cycle management excellence, we ensure our client get fasten claim reimbursements.

Comprehensive Solutions

Velan HCS offers comprehensive solutions which are dedicated to optimize your practice's operations. It ranges from medical records management to revenue cycle enhancement. We address every aspect of healthcare administration. With it, we try to ensure the seamless workflows and exceptional patient care.

Efficiency Enhancement

With our services, we are focusing on enhancing the efficiency across your practice. It will help you to streamline the processes such as patient billing, claim management, and communication. We help you save time, reduce costs, and improve overall productivity. We do it by maximizing our overall efficiency.

Revenue Cycle Management Excellence

We at Velan HCS, excels in revenue cycle management. We are offering a complete set of solutions to optimize billing processes. It will help our clients with reducing their claim denials. It also helps them by accelerating their reimbursements. Our expertise ensures your financial stability. This also maximizes your overall revenue for your practice.

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Benefits We Offer We Are Offering Amazing Benefits For Using Our Services Excited To Know About It?

Efficient EMR Management

Efficient EMR Management

We Streamlines your operations with our electronic medical records management

Precise Indexing & Retrieval

Precise Indexing & Retrieval

We allow Patients to access information swiftly and accurately with amazing medical records indexing.

Clear Patient Billing

Clear Patient Billing

We help you to simplify your billing with streamlined patient billing statement processing.

Maximized Reimbursements

Maximized Reimbursements

You’ll be benefitted with enhanced financial health through thorough accounts receivable clean-up.

Effective Patient Outreach

We engage patients proactively through our personalized outreach and calling services.

Immediate Notification

Optimized Revenue Cycle

We drive financial stability with comprehensive revenue cycle management services. It helps in minimizing the revenue leakage.

Immediate Notification

Timely Account Follow-up

We ensure timely payments and resolve issues promptly. We do it with our dedicated patient account follow-up services.

Dedicated Support

Secure Data Management

We safeguard the healthcare data integrity. We also comply with robust healthcare data management solutions.

Compliance & Security

Our Strategy We Follow A Tried & Tested Strategy We Utilize Best Planning To Get The Claim

Assessment & Planning

  • We Evaluate Processes Thoroughly.
  • Set Clear Objectives For Billing.
  • Then We Allocate Necessary Resources.
  • We Integrate Advanced Technologies.
  • We Review The Regulatory

Implementation & Execution

  • First We Optimize The Operational
  • Provide The Comprehensive Staff Training.
  • We Try To Ensure Quality Assurance.
  • Then We Track The Performance Metrics.
  • Foster Continuous Improvement.

Monitoring & Adjustment

  • We Conduct Regular Process Reviews.
  • Then We Adapt Strategies As Needed.
  • Engaging The Stakeholders Actively.
  • We Benchmark Against Industry Standards.
  • In Last, We Manage Potential Risks Proactively.

Challenges We Face We Face & Resolve All Challenges Our Robust Strategy Helps Us In It


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