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Pediatric Medical Billing Services by Pediatric Specialists Our Pediatrics Medicine Billing Services How Does It Set Us Apart?

Velan Healthcare is committed to offering Medical billing for pediatrics. We take pride in our excellence and knowledge in Pediatric coding and billing compliance through the expertise of Pediatricians billing experts.

Patient Registration Management

Efficiently manage patient intake processes, ensuring accurate and up-to-date demographic information for billing purposes.

Insurance Verification Assistance

Receive personalized support in verifying pediatric insurance coverage, minimizing claim rejections and delays.

Coding Expertise

Benefit from specialized coding services, ensuring proper medical coding of pediatric procedures and diagnoses for optimal reimbursement.

Claims Submission Optimization

Streamline your billing workflow with our tailored solutions, ensuring timely and error-free submission of pediatric claims.


Velan Healthcare’s Pediatric Billing Solutions Are You Implementing the Best Practices for Pediatric Revenue Cycle Management?

Experience Specialized medical billing for pediatrics and Comprehensive pediatric revenue cycle solutions with Velan Healthcare. Our professional billing experts execute accurate Pediatric Billing to get reimbursement to the maximum extent possible. The Pediatric Billing has boosted cash flow, reimbursement, and insurance eligibility.

Denial Management Strategies

Implement customized strategies to address claim denials promptly, maximizing revenue for your pediatric practice.

Accounts Receivable Follow-Up

Receive dedicated support in managing pediatric accounts receivable, optimizing collections and reducing outstanding balances.

Compliance Assurance

Rest assured knowing your pediatric billing practices adhere to industry regulations and standards, minimizing risk and ensuring compliance.

Revenue Cycle Management

Optimize your pediatric billing revenue cycle with our comprehensive management solutions, from patient registration to reimbursement.

Custom Reporting Solutions

Gain insights into your pediatric billing performance with tailored reporting solutions, helping you identify trends and areas for improvement.

Electronic Health Record Integration

Seamlessly integrate pediatric billing processes with your EHR system, improving efficiency and data accuracy.

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Tailored Pediatric Billing Solutions Are You Seeking Pediatric Billing Compliance Solutions? Choose Velan Healthcare Services


HIPAA-Compliant Solutions

Ensure the security and privacy of pediatric patient data with our HIPAA-compliant billing solutions, maintaining patient confidentiality.

Staff Training & Support

Staff Training & Support

Empower your pediatric billing staff with training programs and ongoing support, enhancing their skills and efficiency.

               Contract Negotiation

Payer Contract Negotiation

Access expert assistance in negotiating favourable contracts with insurance payers, optimizing reimbursement rates for pediatric billing services.

Credentialing Services

Credentialing Services

Streamline the credentialing process for pediatric providers with insurance networks, ensuring prompt access to payer reimbursements.

Pediatric Practice Consulting

Pediatric Practice Consulting

Receive expert guidance and consulting services to
optimize pediatric billing operations, improving efficiency
and financial performance.


Why Choose Velan for Pediatric Billing Solutions? Is Velan Healthcare Services the Trusted Partner You Need for Pediatric Medical Billing Solutions?

Pediatric Billing Services

  • Pediatric Coding Services.
  • Medical Billing For Pediatrics
  • Pediatric Claims Management.
  • Pediatric Reimbursement Services.
  • Pediatric Charge Capture.

Pediatric Billing Expertise

  • General Pediatrics.
  • Pediatric Endocrinology.
  • Pediatric Diabetes.
  • Pediatric Gastroenterology.
  • Pediatric Infectious Diseases.

Pediatric Billing Effectiveness

  • Focus On Patient Care.
  • Cost Savings.
  • Improved Revenue.
  • Increased Payments.
  • Expert Access.

Specialized Medical Billing Solutions Customized Pediatric Billing Services For Your Industry Needs


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Accreditation of Pediatric Billing Regulation Adherence in Pediatrics Medical Billing


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