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Optimise health focus Experience Premier Healthcare Services with Velan Healthcare: Where Your Health Comes First

Experience an odyssey into the customized zone of Velan Healthcare Services, specially created to meet the specialized needs of healthcare service providers all across the US. Velan offers expertise in Outsourcing Services, RCM, Medical Coding, Billing as well as Revenue Management, Insurance Verification, and Charge Entry as our mission is to take care of your financial health. Find out how we reconstruct the whole concept of healthcare management, and with the significant improvement of operational effectiveness.


Introduction Enhance Your Healthcare Journey with Velan

At Velan Healthcare Services, we’re not just about providing exceptional medical billing management; we’re also experts in streamlining the healthcare experience with comprehensive medical billing and coding services. Our dedication to efficiency, accuracy, and patient satisfaction shines through our specialized services designed for the US community. Explore how our end-to-end solutions, from Appointment Scheduling and Insurance Verification to Advanced RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) and AR (Accounts Receivable) Cleanup, can transform your healthcare journey. With Velan, you’ll benefit from

Expert Medical Billing Services

Simplify your healthcare experience with our seamless Appointment Scheduling, Demographic Entry, Charge Entry & Validation, Payment Posting, and Denial Management services.

Expert Medical Billing Services

Professional Medical Coding Service

Navigate the intricacies of ICD Coding with our skilled team, ensuring accuracy and compliance in every aspect of your medical records.

                        Medical Coding Service

Insurance Verification & Benefits

Our through Insurance Eligibility and Benefits Verification processes guarantee peace of mind, ensuring you're fully informed about your coverage before any procedure

                        Verification & Benefits

Advanced Medical Records Management Solutions

Discover Velan Healthcare Services' innovative approach to medical records management. Our solutions guarantee efficiency, security,

Advanced Medical Records
                        Management Solutions

Simplify Credentialing with Expert Solutions

Dive into ease with Velan Healthcare Services, where credential process management becomes a breeze.Our comprehensive platform not only streamlines verification

Simplify Credentialing with
                        Expert Solutions

Specialized AR Cleanup Services

Rely on our expertise to streamline and clean up your accounts receivable, optimizing your healthcare facility's financial health.

                        AR Cleanup Services

Elevate Your Healthcare Experience with Velan Where Technology Meets Compassionate Care

Experience the advantage in which technology meets with the consequent, high-quality care of board-certified physicians who are RCM experts in medical billing, medical coding, and healthcare outsourcing services. Embark on an operational wellbeing, not transactional healthcare management, journey that puts the focus on improving your overall health and economics, informed by the latest in medical billing and coding. For Velan, you are not a client, you are a partner in the initiatives to achieve peak operational efficiency, and it is both excellence and empathy that help to discover the shortest way. Experience the provision of healthcare services that exceeds the normal way of doing thing and where all your individual needs are catered for to the maximum.

Experience RCM Excellence

Personalized, data-driven RCM solutions managed by certified professionals. Advanced systems utilizing the latest in medical billing technology for optimal financial performance.

Unlock Superior RCM Expertise

Receive personalized, evidence-based RCM services from certified experts in medical coding and billing, using advanced technology for unparalleled financial outcomes.

Core Offerings

Primary Services Offered Comprehensive Healthcare Services Tailored for You

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Services:

Efficient claim submission and precise medical coding for optimized reimbursements.

Insurance Eligibility and Verifications:

Comprehensive verification of patient insurance details to ensure coverage.

Financial Health and Accounts Receivable:

Proactive management of outstanding claims to enhance revenue flow.

Healthcare Provider Credentialing:

Support in the credentialing process to facilitate network compliance and billing.


Regulatory Compliance Ensuring Regulatory Adherence & Accreditation


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