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Revenue Amplified Optimize Your Revenue with Velan's Acute Care Specialties Medical Billing Services

Meet Velan Healthcare Services Acute Care billing services, your reliable back-end revenue cycle management ally in assisting medical workers and clinical establishments with the provision of the quality services and expertise. Our professionals, with the support of cutting-edge technologies and individually organized optimization of RCM, medical billing and medical coding processes, execute according to your company’s goals.

Rapid Response RCM Team

Our team works more effectively to optimize the process due to unforeseen circumstances and unprecedented challenges.

Precision Medical Billing

We are the leader in the area of the state of art precision medical billing services providers and the best medical billing company for acute care hospitals.

Individualized Solution

We take the time to understand each medical care provider’s challenges and aspirations, delivering customized support solutions that foster practice growth and patient satisfaction.

Seamless Technology Integration

The tabulating equipment for the business processes of hospitals is now getting advanced with our cost effective medical coding and billing services.


Accuracy. Guaranteed Empower Your Practice. Elevate Your Revenue.

Experience seamless operations with our expert RCM, personalized billing solutions, and advanced technology integration curated for healthcare providers and hospitals.

Unmatched Proficiency

in RCM, medical billing and coding, decades of experience make accurate and up to date financial management of healthcare facilities.

Curated Support For Diverse Needs

Conforming solutions to the needs of the clients peculiar to each, and ensuring productive and satisfactory experience.

Dedicated To Optimizing Revenue Cycles

Enhancing your financial performance by applying the billing and coding practices systematically.

Streamlined Billing Processes

Immediate auditing/evaluation and improvement of billing cycles for enhanced business health.

Efficient Utilization Of Advanced Technology

operating in synergy with the most up-to-date systems to minimize part of processes optimization and efficiency.

Advanced Data Management Systems

The technology of cutting age is for the data to be accurate and safe at all times.

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Revenue Partners Enhancing Healthcare Operations Our Support Services

Expert Back-End Support

Expert Back-End Support

The expert professionals committed to providing the extensive RCM, medical billing, and coding service as a service and improve financial performances

Advanced Technology Integration

Advanced Technology Integration

Fast, technologically supported back-end operations to feed the growth of opportunities.

Personalized Assistance

Personalized Assistance

Individualized assistance services for personalized requirements of medical facilities, which comprise happenings of hospitals.

Customized Revenue Cycle Management

Customized Revenue Cycle Management

The ability to cater for various needs of healthcare providers and improve cash flow is a good example of the role of RCM in healthcare.


Velan Billing Specialists Trusted Expertise. Streamlined Billing.

Accurate Treatment Coding Services

  • Minimizes Coding Errors.
  • Ensures Up-To-Date Practices.
  • Enhances Billing Accuracy.
  • Regular Checks For Errors.
  • Teamwork Ensures Accuracy.

Expert Guideline Navigation

  • Fast Claim Approvals.
  • Stays Ahead Of Guidelines.
  • Speeds Up Payment Receipt.
  • Maximizes Approval Rates.
  • Aids in Quicker Payments.

Clear Billing for Patient Assurance

  • Builds Client Trust.
  • Patients Understand Obligations.
  • Break Down Charges Clearly.
  • Explains Billing Thoroughly.
  • Strengthens Client Relationships.

Healthcare Billing Streamline Your Revenue. Velan Serves All Healthcare Entities.


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