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Insurance Receivable

Insurance Receivable / Patient Receivable Services Best Insurance Receivable / Patient Receivable Services in USA Velan's comprehensive Insurance Receivable / Patient Receivable Services

Velan's Insurance and Patient Receivable Services ensure you receive timely and accurate reimbursements, minimizing administrative burdens and maximizing cash flow.

cash flow

Improved Cash Flow

Timely claim submissions and faster reimbursements ensure a steady cash flow to support your practice's operations.


Reduced Administrative Costs

We help you to streamline the entire insurance receivable processes & minimize the time and resources spent on manual billing and collections.


Increased Revenue

Our effective management minimizes claim denials and ensures you capture all billable charges, maximizing your revenue potential.

patient satisfaction

Enhanced Patient Satisfaction

We ensure the best way to enhance the patient satisfaction with our services. The efficient billing and clear communication contribute to a positive patient experience.

patient care

Focus on Patient Care

By outsourcing receivables management, you and your staff can dedicate more time to patient care.


Improved Compliance

Strong receivable management processes help ensure accurate coding and billing practices, reducing the risk of audits and penalties from insurance companies or regulatory bodies.


Receivable Excellence Are You Seeking Comprehensive
Receivable Solutions?

Pre-Billing Services

We confirm a patient's insurance coverage details and eligibility for specific services before treatment, minimizing claim denials due to lack of coverage. Obtains prior authorization from the insurance company for certain procedures, ensuring they'll be reimbursed.

Billing & Claims Submission

Certified coders assign the correct medical codes (ICD-10 and HCPCS) to diagnoses and procedures for accurate claims. Error-free claims with proper documentation are submitted electronically or on paper for faster processing and fewer rejections.

Collections & Follow-up

Tracking and accurately applying insurance payments received. If the primary insurance doesn't cover the full amount, a secondary insurance claim is filed to capture all potential revenue.

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Advantages Why Choose Insurance Receivable / Patient Receivable Services? How Is This Beneficial?

cash flow

Improved Cash Flow

We try to ensure faster reimbursements from insurance companies through efficient claims processing and proactive follow-up.

increased revenue

Increased Revenue

We help with minimized claim denials and errors mean improved collection rates from patients.


Enhanced Efficiency

Our automated processes and real-time reporting
offers valuable insights for making data-driven


Reduced Administrative Burden

We streamlines processes minimize errors and rework. This not only helps you by saving time and resources but also ensure that you can focus on other major work.

Improved Patient Satisfaction

Flexible payment options and responsive patient support enhance the patient experience.

improved patient satisfaction

Stronger Financial Health

We Reduces the risk of audits due to improved compliance with coding and billing regulations.

stronger financial health

Data-Driven Decision Making

We help with streamlined processes that help us to generate accurate and comprehensive data on billing, coding, and collections.

decision making

Proactive Risk Management

Our effective receivable management practices ensure accurate coding and billing compliance.

proactive risk management

Our Strategy How We Do? Get To Know Our Strategy

Initial Evaluation

  • We Thoroughly Examine All Outstanding Bills.
  • We Review Each Claim To Identify Any Discrepancies Or Errors.
  • We Compare Each Claim To Your Practice's Established Billing Policies.
  • We Pinpoint Claims With A High Probability Of Remaining Uncollected.
  • We Remove Uncollectable Claims From Your Accounts Receivable.

Analysis & Prioritizing

  • We Review All Claims Presenting Challenges For Collections..
  • We Prioritize Outstanding Claims.
  • We Solve The Main Causes Behind Underpayments.
  • We Assess The Possibility Of Recovering The Full Amount For Underpaid Claims.
  • We Try To Maximize Recovery

Collection Strategies

  • Our Team Prioritizes To Solve Claims With Errors Within The Designated Time.
  • We Ensure All Claims Possess Accurate & Complete Information.
  • We Strictly Adhere To All Medical Billing Guidelines.
  • We Record The Details Within Your Practice Management System For Accurate Bookkeeping.
  • We Create Well-Documented Bills To Promote Transparency & Ensure Timely Payments.

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