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Pediatric Surgery Billing Services Efficient & Accurate Pediatric Surgery Billing Services In The USA

Velan HCS offers comprehensive Pediatric Surgery Billing Services in the USA, providing efficient and accurate solutions for medical service providers. Their services encompass on-time billing, timely follow-up, and account reimbursement, crucial for maximizing revenue in pediatric practices.

Pediatric Expertise

Our dedicated pediatric team understands the intricacies of coding for age, type of procedure, and other case-specifics in pediatric surgical cases.

Capturing Charging Entry

Our team always captures charge entry and obtains proper pre-approval from payers for all scheduled procedures and admissions.


Specialized Pediatric Coding Expertise What Are the Key Strategies for Optimal Pediatric Surgery Billing Services?

The most popular pediatric surgery billing services in the USA offer a range of comprehensive solutions to help practices achieve
a smooth and efficient billing process, ultimately contributing to the overall excellence of their pediatric surgery services.

Velan HCS

Advanced Pediatric Surgery Billing Services How Can Velan HCS Transform Your Advanced Pediatric
Surgery Billing in the USA?

Velan Health Care Services offers comprehensive medical billing solutions tailored specifically for advanced pediatric surgery practices. Our services encompass a range of specialized billing processes to optimize revenue cycles and streamline financial operations for pediatric surgery providers.

Patient Registration

We take demographic data, insurance information and clinical details that will be needed before treatment commences.

Prior Authorization

We have a team that is well versed with submitting pre-approval requests as well as tracking their status in order to make sure that cases are authorized rightly.

Coding Accuracy

This involves strict auditing of charges to check if they were coded correctly in terms of surgical, anesthesia, hospital charges at the highest possible level.

Velan Care

Optimizing Surgical Billing Velan HCS Which Company Ensures Smooth Pediatric Surgery Billing Services in USA?

Claim Submission

Clean, compliant claims are promptly submitted to payers with supporting documentation attached.

Denials Management

Denied claims are analyzed by our team and routed for appeals, rebilling, or resolution per payer rules.

Payment Posting

Payments are properly posted to accounts and contractual adjustments are calculated per your fee schedules.


Our Benefits for Pediatrics Surgeries Billing What Are the Key Benefits of Pediatric Surgery Billing Services for Pediatric Practices?

A/R Follow-Up1

A/R Follow-Up

We persistently follow up on all outstanding balances until accounts are resolved and closed.

Expert Paediatric Coders2

Expert Paediatric Coders

Our coding staff ensures accurate coding for all surgical procedures while following the most recent regulations.

Thorough Record Keeping3

Through Record Keeping

Payments are properly posted to accounts and contractual adjustments are calculated per your fee schedules.

Preventing Revenue Loss4

Preventing Revenue Loss

Payments are properly posted to accounts and contractual adjustments are calculated per your fee schedules.

Efficient Accounts Receivable Resolution5

Efficient Accounts Receivable Resolution

Payments are properly posted to accounts and contractual adjustments are calculated per your fee schedules.

Charge Entry & Validation6

Charge Entry & Validation

Payments are properly posted to accounts and contractual adjustments are calculated per your fee schedules.

Explore how Velan HCS's specialized Pediatric Surgery Billing Services can optimize revenue and streamline billing processes for your pediatric practice. Contact us today to enhance your practice's financial efficiency and focus on patient care.


Pediatric Billing Questions Answered Do People Seek Pediatric Surgery Billing Services in the USA?

Velan Healthcare Services is a provider of medical billing and coding company that provides assistance to healthcare providers in strengthening their fiscal stability and functional effectiveness. The services offered include Medical billing, AR management, payment processing, denial management co-sourcing and medical coding training.

The benefits of using Velan healthcare services are fast cash flow, increased patients coverage and optimum resource use. Velan healthcare services makes it easier for healthcare providers to get payments faster and collect more revenue while reducing administrative costs

Velan healthcare services streamlines billing and coding processes thereby increasing the efficiency of cash flow for healthcare providers. Moreover, our services allow for detecting and correcting claim mistakes that will result in more money returned to the customer with faster cash generation

Velan Healthcare Services facilitates expansion of the patient panel through its physicians’ network and strategizing marketing activities to accrue new patients. Our backing enables providers to divert further resources towards patients’ needs and business development.
Pediatric Billing

Maximizing Pediatric Surgery Practice Revenue What Pediatric Surgery Billing Services Does Velan HCS Offer In The USA?

Accurate Coding Services

With specialized expertise, Velan HCS guarantees accurate coding for pediatric surgeries, ensuring optimal reimbursement.

Claims Submission Solutions

Velan HCS implements efficient procedures to minimize errors and delays, ensuring swift claims submission for maximum reimbursement.

Denial Management

Velan HCS swiftly identifies and resolves issues to minimize revenue loss from denied claims, ensuring financial stability for pediatric surgery practices.

Patient-Centric Billing Services

Velan HCS handles patient billing with empathy and transparency, providing clear communication about financial responsibilities to patients.

Comprehensive RCM

Velan HCS optimizes the revenue cycle from patient registration to payment posting, enhancing cash flow and operational efficiency.

Compliance Assurance Measures

Velan HCS stays updated with regulations, conducting regular audits to ensure billing integrity and legality.

Reporting and Analytics Solutions

Velan HCS offers customized reports, providing actionable insights to optimize financial performance and trends.

Billing Solutions

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