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Why Choose Velan Healthcare for Your AR Cleanup Needs? How Does Velan Healthcare Guarantee Precise & Timely AR Cleanup Results?

Are you seeking unparalleled expertise and efficiency in AR cleanup services? Look no further than Velan Healthcare. With a commitment to excellence, we offer comprehensive AR cleanup solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our team combines advanced technology with deep industry knowledge to streamline the process, ensuring accurate and timely results. From identifying and resolving outstanding claims to optimizing revenue cycles, we handle it all with precision and care. Trust Velan Healthcare to elevate your AR cleanup experience and maximize your financial outcomes.


Expert AR Cleanup Solutions Why Choose Our Top-Notch AR Cleanup Services? Focused On Maximizing Reimbursements

Are you stuck with your unpaid medical bills? No need to worry anymore! We at Velan HCS, are offering the top-notch AR Cleanup services in the USA. Our team tackles everything that is pending such as denied claims, identifies missed charges. We also express our efforts to recovers revenue from both insurers and patients. Allow us to streamline your billing and boost your cash flow. Our Services will allow you can focus on what matters most – ‘patient care’

missed charge identification

Missed Charge Identification

We at Velan HCS, rigorously reviews listed accounts to unearth overlooked billing codes. With our these service, we always try to ensure that you capture all rightful revenue.

denied claim

Denied Claim Review & Appeals

Our experts would feel pleasure to analyze your denied claims, pinpoint errors. We do everything that can be done to fight for your reimbursements that you deserve.

patient balance collection

Patient Balance Collection

We at Velan HCS, are dedicated to streamlines the patient payment processes. We do it to minimize the outstanding balances and we reduces the bad debt.


Insurance Follow-Up

At Velan HCS, we ensure the timely processing. Also, we focus on accurate coding by insurers. With our these efforts, we try to prevent the delays and maximizing your reimbursements.

coding compliance

Coding & Compliance Review

We at Velan HCS upholds accurate coding practices. We do it to minimize the errors and prevent the future claim denials that you may face with your insurances.

reporting analytics

Reporting & Analytics

You’ll be able to Gain the valuable insights with Velan HCS's reports. Our reports help you by allowing you to optimize billing performance. These reports also identify areas for improvement.


What Sets Velan HCS Apart? What Makes Us Your Essential
Choice? Our Offering Prioritizes Continuous Revenue Management

We at Velan HCS, are focusing to provide our clients with best Accounts Receivable Services. These Services aims to provide you with your outstanding reimbursements. However, there are many reasons why you should choose us immediately.

Maximize Outstanding Revenue Recovery

We at Velan HCS rigorously review the accounts to unearth your missed charges. We are always there and able to what-ever it takes to fight the denied claims with expertise. We guarantees that you are not going to lose your rightful reimbursements due to oversights or errors. We works finely & we do it to ensure you capture every dollar you deserve.

Boost Cash Flow & Reduce Bad Debt

We help our clients with streamlining their payment processes. Also, we focused to swift insurance follow-up. It helps you by minimizing the outstanding balances. Velan HCS tackles the root causes of delayed payments. These payments will keep your cash flow healthy. It will also be reducing the burden of bad debt collection.

Empower Your Coding Practice

Now no need to get bogged down by complex AR tasks. We at Velan HCS, are made for handle everything from denied claims to patient collections expertly. This frees you up with your valuable time and resources. Then, you can use your that time to focus on what truly matters, which is delivering the exceptional patient care and growing your practice.

Ready to take your revenue cycle management to the next level with our AR cleanup medical billing services in the USA? Don't wait any longer.


Avail Benefits Why Choose Us? Experience Benefits Today!


Improved Cash Flow Management

Our services optimize cash flow by resolving outstanding AR balances.

ar balances

Reduction of Aging AR Balances

We specialize in reducing Outstanding AR balances. It improves your financial stability.

financial performance

Enhanced Financial Performance

Working with us will boosts your financial performance through our AR management.

proactive resolution strategies

Proactive Resolution Strategies

You’ll be availing many benefit from our proactive strategies. We ensure timely resolution of AR issues.

Detailed Analysis for Better Insights

You will gain the valuable insights through detailed analysis of AR data.


Timely Follow-ups on Outstanding Accounts

We ensure timely follow-ups on outstanding accounts.

timely follow ups

Trusted Expertise & Industry Experience

We have expertise and experience, You can
trust us to handle AR efficiently.


Increased Efficiency in Revenue Cycle Management

Our services helps you by streamlining your revenue cycle management.


Our Strategy We Follow Strategy That Never Miss A Chance

Analysis & Assessment

  • Firstly, We Review The Existing
    AR Data.
  • Then We Identify Outstanding
  • Next, We Analyze Reasons For Unpaid Claims.
  • Then We Evaluate The Coding Errors & Denials.
  • Then We Assess The Insurance

Resolution & Follow-up

  • Now, We Prioritize Accounts Based On Urgency.
  • Then We Resubmit The Claims With Corrected Information.
  • Then We Appeal With Denied Claims With Our Supporting Documentation.
  • Next We Communicate With Payers To Resolve Disputes.
  • In Last, We Conduct Regular Follow-Ups On Pending Claims.

Reporting & Optimization

  • In Third Step, We Generating Comprehensive Reports On AR Status.
  • Then We Analyze Trends & Patterns In Unpaid Claims.
  • Next, We Implement The Strategies To Prevent Future AR Issues.
  • Then We Provide The Recommendations For Revenue Cycle Improvement.
  • In Last, We Continuously Monitor & Optimize AR Processes.

Our Billing Challenges How We Face Hard Challenges? Resolve Them Smoothly


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Expertise Why Trust Velan Healthcare's AR Cleanup Services?


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