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At Velan Healthcare, we offer comprehensive laboratory medicine billing and revenue cycle management solutions. Our services include accurate coding, efficient claims management, compliance audits, and more, ensuring optimal reimbursement for laboratory services.

Accurate Coding Solutions

Ensure precise coding for laboratory procedures to maximize reimbursements and minimize claim denials.

Efficient Claims Management

Streamline the claims process for laboratory services, ensuring timely submission and optimal reimbursement.

Compliance Audits

Conduct thorough audits to ensure adherence to coding regulations and compliance with industry standards.

Revenue Optimization Strategies

Implement tailored strategies to optimize revenue for laboratory services, identifying opportunities for improvement and cost savings.


What Services Does Velan Healthcare Offer? Is Your Laboratory Revenue Cycle In Need Of Streamlining?

At Velan Healthcare Services we recognize the individuality of each laboratory medicine practice. Our Pathology lab Billing Solutions guarantee coding for a variety of procedures dedicated to boost your total reimbursements.

Precision Coding Services

Ensure accurate coding for optimal reimbursements with our meticulous coding solutions.

Efficient Claims Management

Streamline the claims process and expedite reimbursements with our efficient claims management system.

Comprehensive Revenue Cycle Analysis

Gain insights and optimize your revenue cycle performance with our thorough analysis and strategic recommendations.

Specialized Denial Management Solutions

Minimize claim denials and maximize revenue recovery with our tailored denial management strategies.

Strategic Payer Contract Analysis

Optimize reimbursement rates and negotiate favorable terms with our strategic analysis of payer contracts.

Integrated EHR Solutions

Seamlessly integrate electronic health records for streamlined billing processes and enhanced efficiency.

Looking To Streamline Your Laboratory Medicine In Medical Billing Process? Discover How Velan Healthcare Services Can Optimize Efficiency And Accuracy In Your Billing.


Advantages What Are The Advantages Of Velan's Laboratory Medicine Specialists Services?

streamlined processes

Streamlined Processes

Our laboratory medicine specialists streamline billing processes to maximize efficiency and revenue.

accurate coding

Accurate Coding

With precise coding, we ensure optimal reimbursements for laboratory services.

enhanced revenue cycle

Enhanced Revenue Cycle

Velan's solutions enhance the laboratory revenue cycle for improved financial performance.

compliance assurance

Compliance Assurance

We prioritize compliance to regulatory standards, ensuring adherence in laboratory billing practices.


Explore Velan's Laboratory Medicine Specialists Procedures What Procedures Define Our Laboratory Medicine Specialists Services?

Core Services

  • We Have Highly Skilled Coders To Handle Strict Protocols.
  • Get Fully Accurate Reporting Of Test
  • Our Team Of Specialists Is Always Available For Consultation.
  • Healthcare Tech That Can Seamlessly Integrate With Your LIS.
  • Velan Prioritizes Adhering To All Regulatory Standards.

Enhanced Services

  • Get Access To A Wider Range Of Specialized Tests.
  • Our Certified Pathologists Review All Test Results For Added Accuracy.
  • We Prioritize Communication With Healthcare Professionals.
  • Offer Data Analytics Tools To Provide Valuable Insights.
  • Tailored Reporting Formats To Meet The Specific Needs.

Comprehensive Services

  • Get Expert Guidance On Selecting The Most Appropriate Test Panels.
  • We Pinpoint Ways To Enhance & Streamline Our Workflow.
  • Our Team Of Specialists Is Here To Help With Communication.
  • You Can Access Phlebotomy Services Either On Site Or, Through Our Service.
  • Velan Prioritizes Maintaining Accuracy & Ensuring Safety.

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Standards Ensuring Adherence To Regulatory Lab Billing & Accreditation


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