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Feeling overwhelmed by the complexities of dental practice management? Velan Healthcare Services understands. We take the burden off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your patients' smiles. Our compassionate team provides comprehensive dental billing and coding expertise, backed by advance technology, so you can experience:

Insurance & Claims

Verified Insurance Coverage, Prepares and Submits claims electronically and verifies authorization before we submit any claims.

Coding & Documentation

Ensures accurate coding of procedures and diagnoses for seamless insurance billing.

Payments & Collections

Records insurance payments, manages outstanding patient balances, and facilitates collections.

Reporting & Analysis

Provides reports to analyze practice performance and identify areas for revenue optimization.


Accuracy Guaranteed Velan Streamlines Dental Billing Eliminating Headaches, Maximizing Efficiency

Compassionate Dental

Our services are tailored to nurture smiles and support the overall well-being of your dental practice.

Caring Financial Guidance

We strive to improve your practice’s financial health while ensuring patients feel at ease with our dedicated support.

Dental Technology Integration

We incorporate technology fostering seamless and comforting experiences for patients in dental settings.

Personalized Solutions
for Dentists

We understand the challenges you face and offer solutions that resonate with your unique needs, providing support that feels like a trusted partner.

Commitment to Patient
Comfort & Care

Upholding stringent quality standards ensures patients receive the utmost care and comfort during their dental visits.

Investing in Team Growth

We believe in the growth and development of your dental team, empowering them to deliver compassionate care and achieve professional fulfillment.

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Revenue partners Modernize Your Dental Practice with Velan Streamlined Billing, Clear Communication.

Reduced Errors, Faster Payments

Reduced Errors, Faster Payments

Manual data entry and complex coding can lead to errors and delays. Velan’s secure technology ensures accuracy and streamlines billing for faster reimbursements.

Custom Revenue Strategies

Custom Revenue Strategies

One-size-fits-all RCM plans don’t work. Velan tailors each strategy to your unique practice, maximizing revenue and minimizing administrative burdens.

Clear Communication, Happy Patients

Clear Communication, Happy Patients

Confusing bills lead to frustration. Velan provides clear explanations of charges, improving patient understanding and satisfaction.

Focus on Patient Care

Focus on Patient Care

Don’t get bogged down by paperwork. Velan handles the billing complexities so you can focus on delivering exceptional allergy and immunology care.


Billing specialists Velan Dental Billing FAQs Your Questions Answered

How Does Velan Help Get Dental Claims Approved Faster?

  • Navigates Payer Rules
  • Complete Submissions
  • Tracks Claim Status
  • Responds To Inquiries
  • Maximizes Approvals

How Does Velan Create Transparent Billing For Dental Care?

  • Clear Explanations
  • Upfront Estimates
  • Verifies Coverage
  • Open Communication
  • Patient Understanding

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