Obstetrics & Gynecology Medical Billing Services


Obstetrics & Gynecology Medical Billing How Can Our Obstetrics & Gynecology Medical Billing Services Maximize Your Reimbursement Rates?

We At Velan HCS, Works As Industry Leaders; Here, We Are Specialized In Delivering The Best Gynecology And Gynecology Medical Billing Services Across The USA. With Our Best Of The Services, We Are Ensuring The Accuracy, Compliance, And Optimized Revenue Cycles For Practices.

Gynecology Billing Specialists

Here at Velan HCS, our team of specialists is completely dedicated to deliver you with the gynecology billing services. For that, we are ensuring the precise invoicing and maximum reimbursement. And we are doing all of it with a wide range of gynecological services.

OB/GYN Coding Services

At Velan HCS, with certified coders, we are providing the most accurate OB/GYN coding services. In our services, we are also focused in maintaining and adhering to industry standards. Here, we follow all the guidelines to optimize reimbursement and minimize coding errors.

Obstetrics Billing Audits

At Velan HCS, we are conducting the audits of obstetrics billing practices perfectly. Here, we are identifying the areas for improvement. Also, we are ensuring the compliance with regulatory requirements. It will help our clients with accurate billing.

OB/GYN Coding Accuracy

At Velan HCS, Our focus on is on the guaranteeing the precision with our OB/GYN coding services. With our guarantee, we are also reducing the claim denials. We are promptly ensuring the proper reimbursement for obstetric and gynecologic procedures.


Our Services Are You Aware Of Our Wide Range Of Tailored Services Catering Perfectly To Your Needs?

At Velan HCS, we are ensuring the dedicated solutions for your specific requirements. Here we are delivering the best expertise and support. We are providing all of it in various aspects of healthcare billing and management.

Reproductive Endocrinology Billing

We are offering our best and specialized billing services to our clients. Our services are dedicated for reproductive the endocrinology practices.

Maternal-Fetal Medicine Billing

Here at Velan HCS, our billing solutions cater with all maternal-fetal medicine practices. With it, we are optimizing the revenue cycles. Also, we are ensuring the proper coding and billing services.

Gynecologic Surgery Billing

We are offering our comprehensive billing services for gynecologic surgery practices. We are also ensuring the accurate coding & timely reimbursement. It helps in the overall surgical procedures and interventions.

Obstetrics Billing Optimization

We are optimizing the obstetrics billing processes. We are doing it to the maximize revenue and streamline billing operations. It helps us via improving the practice profitability and financial performance.

Gynecology Claims Denial Management

Here, our proactive denial management strategies are there to minimize the claim denials. It also help our clients to accelerate their revenue recovery for gynecology practices.

Obstetrics & Gynecology Claims Management

At Velan HCS, our claims management services cover all aspects of OB/GYN billing. These aspects may ranges from the submission to follow-up. With this covering, we are ensuring the timely reimbursement and minimizing the revenue leakage.

Revolutionize your Obstetrics and Gynecology billing with Velan Healthcare Services. Unparalleled precision, efficiency, and compliance await. Elevate your practice – Choose Velan now!


We Are Beneficial Are You Ready To Unlock The Benefits Tailored To Your Needs With Our Services?

medical coding specialist

Medical Coding Specialists

Our certified specialists are there to ensure the accurate coding for you. We are minimizing the errors perfectly.


78% Raise in Accuracy

Here, at Velan HCS, our best accuracy approach leads us to a significant 78% increase in coding accuracy. With it, we are ensuring the precise billing.


Compliance with Latest Industry Standards

At Velan HCS, we are staying updated with evolving regulations. With it, we are ensuring the minimizing of compliance & risks.

revenue mgnt

Revenue Management Cycle Optimization

At Velan HCS, our comprehensive solutions optimize the revenue management cycle. With it, we are enhancing efficiency and maximizing revenue potential.


Our Procedure Have We Mastered A Proven Procedure For Guaranteed Success?

Initial Assessment & Setup

  • Assess Practice Needs.
  • Customize Dedicated Solutions.
  • Implement Efficient Systems.
  • Train Staff Thoroughly.
  • Maintain Open Communication

Daily Operations & Billing Management

  • Capture All Billable Services.
  • Ensure Accurate Coding & Documentation.
  • Timely Claims Submission.
  • Proactive Denial Management.
  • Efficient Payment Posting.

Performance Monitoring & Continuous Improvement

  • Analyze Billing Performance.
  • Conduct Compliance Audits Regularly.
  • Implement Feedback-Driven Optimization.
  • Stay Updated With Technology.
  • Provide Ongoing Support & Guidance.

Overcoming Hurdles Navigating Challenges Our Smooth Resolution Strategy


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Regulatory Compliance Are We Adhering To Obstetrics & Gynecology Billing Standards?


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