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We at Velan HCS are dedicated to provide your customers with best Gastroenterology Medical Billing Services in USA. We ensure that you get the best facility that helps you with fastest reimbursement and successful insurance claims. We incorporate with many of its Components too.

Evaluation & Management (E&M) Services

This Component involves accurately coding. It may include office visits based on history taking, examinations, and treatment plan complexity.

Endoscopy & Procedural Billing

This component incorporate with correct coding and justification for reimbursement. This endoscopic process includes colonoscopies and EGDs are crucial in this area.

Diagnostic Studies

In this component, it includes coding and documentation for tests like X-rays and ultrasounds used for diagnosis. A complete Diagnosis Studies aligns with this component.

Diagnosis Codes

This component includes the selecting the most accurate diagnosis codes. Because these are too essential for proper reimbursement, and gastroenterology billing services.


Enhanced RCM in Gastroenterology Billing Why Choose Our Gastroenterology Billing Services?

We are offering the Best Gastroenterology Billing Services that helps you all around. It’s crucial for you to know about why choosing Velan HCS will help you to get successful Insurance claim reimbursement.

Gastroenterology Expertise

Velan's Coders have proven experience. Also they are quite knowledgeable of specific Gastroenterology coding and billing requirements.

Improved Efficiency

Velan's Health Care Service’s services Gastroenterology Billing Service streamlines the billing process. It frees up your practice staff to focus on patient care.

Reduced Errors

Medical billing is always complex and full of errors. Velan's expertise helps to minimize errors. We also ensure successful reimbursements.

Faster Reimbursements

Velan's expertise in insurance guidelines and best practices are best. It leads to the faster claim processing and reimbursements from payers.

Enhanced Revenue Cycle Management

Velan's services deals with the tasks like payment posting and accounts receivable management. This improves your overall financial health.

Cost Effective Outsourcing

Outsourcing medical billing for Gastroenterology from Velan HCS is too beneficial. It allows you to focus on things that matters the most.

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Expert Gastroenterology Coding Services How Our Gastroenterology Coding Services Helps You? Unlocking Revenue Potential!


Maximized Reimbursement Accuracy

We ensure precision in billing processes. We do it so you can have the optimal reimbursement outcomes.

Proficient Coding

Proficient Coding

We owns the expertise in accurate coding. This enhances the reimbursement and compliance for your gastroenterology services.


Revenue Cycle Management

We streamline the entire gastroenterology billing process. We do it to ensure efficient revenue cycles for good financial health.

Significant Cost Saving

Significant Cost Saving

Outsourcing Gastroenterology Medical Billing Services to Velan always reduces overhead costs. It helps you to maximize the profitability.


Process to Gastroenterology Billing We Follow The SOP For Gastroenterology Coding Services!

Maximize Accuracy

  • Firstly Detailed Patient Intake Collected.
  • Comprehensive Documentation Made
    After It.
  • Accurate Coding Selection Is Crucial.
  • Pre-Authorization (If Required).
  • Clear Claim Submission.

Efficient Processing & Follow-Ups

  • It Includes Insurance Verification.
  • Regular Claim Status Monitoring.
  • Denial Management.
  • Accurate Payment Posting.
  • Transparent Reporting.

Continuous Improvement & Revenue Growth

  • Regular Performance Review.
  • Coding & Compliance Updates.
  • Customized Reporting & Insights.
  • Revenue Cycle Optimization.
  • Strategic Growth Planning.

Overcoming Hurdles in Gastroenterology Billing Elevating Gastroenterology Billing With Velan Healthcare Services


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