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Experience seamless medical coding services tailored to your needs. From accurate ICD coding to prompt charge entry and denial management, we cover all aspects of medical coding to optimize your revenue cycle. Partner with us for comprehensive medical billing solutions, including appointment scheduling, insurance verification, and patient statement processing. Elevate your practice with Velan's expertise in medical coding services today.


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Welcome to Velan’s Best Medical Coding Services. As the best & most accurate leading medical coding service provider in the USA, we are making things easy for healthcare institutions all over America. In this service, we initiate a process of transforming descriptions of medical diagnoses and procedures into the most accurate & universally understandable medical code numbers. Those who own a healthcare institution, hospital, or clinic, know the importance of medical coding services. The best & most accurate healthcare coding services are needed at this hour for healthcare institutions such as clinics and hospitals. These services help medical healthcare institutions in many different ways.

Optimized Revenue Cycle

Optimized Revenue Cycle

We are dedicated in ensuring accuracy in medical coding. Velan’s most accurate coding ensures that healthcare providers receive proper healthcare reimbursement for the services they provide.

Compliance with Regulations

Compliance with Regulations

Velan’s Best & precise healthcare coding helps healthcare organizations comply with regulatory requirements and standards. This helps in understanding the medical coding process most finely.

Research & Public Health Initiatives

Research & Public Health Initiatives

Velan’s best medical coding services in the USA support medical research and public health initiatives in the USA. We ensure it by providing high-quality data.

Efficient Insurance Claim Processing

Efficient Insurance Claim Processingx

Our best medical coding and billing help healthcare institutions with complying with insurance companies (ICs). Institutions can rely on our accurate coding to process claims efficiently from ICs.

Enhanced Data Analysis

Enhanced Data Analysis

Our reliable coded information is important for generating accurate reports. This also helps in conducting meaningful data analysis. Healthcare organizations can use our Medical documentation coding data to identify trends & evaluate.

Improved Patient Care

Improved Patient Care

Our accurate healthcare coding contributes to comprehensive and precise patient health records. With our best healthcare coding service, Healthcare professionals can access reliable information. This leads them to better-informed decision-making.

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At Velan Healthcare Services, we provide all key types of medical coding company that are targeted to cater special needs of Healthcare Institutions in the USA

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ICD Coding (Healthcare Coding Solutions)

At Velan’s Most Accurate Medical Coding Services, we are offering ICD-10 coding (the latest version of Healthcare Coding Services).

CPT Coding (Revenue Cycle Optimization)

At Velan’s certified medical coding, we are offering the most famous CPT coding Services. This is also a widely recognized and used system for coding medical procedures.

HCPCS Coding (Professional Coding Experts)

At Velan’s Healthcare Coding Services, we are offering the best and most accurate HCPCS coding. This coding service complements CPT coding and is used for specific services and supplies that are not covered by CPT codes.

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Medical coding software Services Streamlined Medical Coding Processes For Healthcare Facilities

Accurate Reimbursement

Accurate Reimbursement

If you are going to Outsource Medical Coding services in USA from Velan HCS, we’ll ensure that healthcare providers get accurate and timely reimbursement.

Medical Coding Compliance

Medical Coding Compliance

Our Accurate coding practice help healthcare organizations to stay compliant with regulatory requirements and industry standards for medical coding accuracy services.

Enhanced Patient Care

Enhanced Patient Care

Our accurate Medical coding standards services contribute to comprehensive and precise patient health records.

Streamlined Revenue Cycle Management

Streamlined Revenue Cycle Management

We are Optimizing medical coding for reimbursement & streamlining the Revenue Cycle Management.

Data Analysis & Reporting

Velan’s reliable coded data supports accurate reporting and data analysis.

Data Analysis & Reporting

Efficient Insurance Claim Processing

When codes align with Insurance companies' documentation, there is very little chance of claim rejections or delays.

Data Analysis & Reporting

Improvement of Healthcare Analytics

Accurate coding supports healthcare analytics initiatives. This allows organizations to derive meaningful insights from their data.

Denial Management

Facilitation of Research

Our Medical coding & billing services contribute to complete medical research by providing standardized and reliable data.

Facilitation of Research

Medical coding updates Services Comprehensive Medical Coding For Healthcare Providers

Precision in Coding

  • Certified Medical Coders
  • Up-To-Date Knowledge
  • Coding Quality Assurance
  • Documentation Integrity Of Entire Medical Coding
  • Risk Mitigation By Precision

Efficient Workflow Management

  • Timely Processing Assurance
  • Clinical Coding Compliance
  • Effective Communication To Build A Trust
  • Resource Optimization
  • Continuous Improvement

Continuous Professional Development

  • Ongoing Training Programs
  • Specialization In Diverse Areas
  • Adaptability To Changes
  • Peer Collaboration
  • Professional Certifications

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