Hospital Medicine Billing Services


Hospital Billing Solution Are You Seeking The Best Medical Billing For Hospitals In The USA?

We at Velan HCS, are providing the best Hospital Billing Solutions in USA. Our Medical Billing Services for Hospitals involves writing accurate medicine billings & submitting claims for services provided by hospitalists, which are doctors who specialize in the care of inpatients.

Accurate Coding

Our certified coders translate medical services into precise codes for insurance claims. By doing so, we are ensuring the proper reimbursement for your hospital Services.

Claim Submission

We are handling the seamless claim submission to insurance companies. For this, or doing it, we are utilizing the advanced technology to expedite processing and reduce errors.

Denial Management

We never let denied claims drain your revenue. For ensuring that, we fight for what's due. And, for this, we work with a dedicated team to analyze denials and fight for rightful reimbursements.

Revenue Cycle Management

Now you can gain the control of your hospital's finances. We manage the entire billing process. This can ranges from patient registration to reporting. We do it for the optimal revenue cycle performance.


Why to Choose Us? What Specialized Services Are You Seeking?

We at Velan HCS, go beyond the basics with specialized hospitalist billing services. Our advanced technology helps you in maximizing the reimbursements and streamlining your workflow.

Better Hospitalist Medical Billing

We understand the complexities of hospitalist billing. Our dedicated solutions is there to ensure the accurate coding and the faster claim processing for your hospital.

Enhanced Denial Management

Our dedicated team fights for what's due. We proactively address the denials and fight for the rightful reimbursements. It helps you to maximize your hospital's revenue.

Fasten Claim Reimbursement

Working with us allow you to get paid faster. We utilizes the efficient processes and technology to expedite claim submissions. It helps you to accelerate the reimbursements for your hospital.

Beneficial Affordable Prices

We allows you to focus on patient care, not billing costs. We offer the competitive rates and transparent pricing (with no hidden charges) that to fit your hospital's budget.

Inpatient Billing Services

We specialize in handling all aspects of inpatient billing. It may range from admission to discharge. We do it to ensure the accurate and timely reimbursements.

Hospital Charge Capture

Don't miss out on revenue. Our detailed charge capture ensures all services dedicated to inpatients billing services. We assure that these are properly documented and billed.

Are you ready to streamline your hospital's billing & maximize reimbursements? Don't just wait! Contact Velan HCS today for a free consultation.


ADVANTAGES What Benefits Will You Receive From Our Services?

increased revenue

Increased Revenue

You'll be getting Maximized reimbursements & a boost your bottom line.

enhanced efficiency

Enhanced Efficiency

We Streamlines your billing & you get more time for patient care.

reduced denials

Reduced Denials

Our Expert team fights for what's rightfully owed.

cost effective solutions

Cost-Effective Solutions

We offer Competitive rates & our pricing model is transparent pricing.


Our Strategy We Follow The Best Strategy For Hospital Billing Services

Optimize The Foundation

  • Accurate Coding & Charge Capture.
  • Seamless Patient Insurance Verification.
  • Advanced Billing Technology.
  • Clear Patient Communication.
  • Regular Performance Reporting.

Minimize Revenue Leakage

  • Proactive Denial Management.
  • Appeals Expertise.
  • Regular Denial Trend Analysis.
  • Clear Communication With Payers.
  • Stay Up-To-Date On Regulations.

Drive Continuous Improvement

  • Regular Client Meetings.
  • Technology Review & Upgrades.
  • Benchmarking & Industry Best Practices.
  • Client Satisfaction Surveys.
  • Focus On Innovation.

Challenges We Face We Are Facing Hectic Challenges In Hospital Billing Services. How Can We Resolve Them Successfully?


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Achievements What Makes Our Hospital Medicine Billing Services Stand Out?


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