Patient Demographic
Entry Services

The importance of patient demographic details can hardly be overstated as it encompasses every necessary detail related to the patient. Information provided in the demographic record is highly critical to medical billing and coding, as it has a direct impact on the insurance claim or denial.

Our Role

We capture patient’s information with high accuracy to facilitate

Error-free patient demographic entry
Reduction of delays in claim submission
Clean claims with the Insurance providers
Sustaining a stable cash flow

Insurance Eligibility and
Benefits Verification

The procedure involved in verifying patient’s eligibility and allied benefits can be demanding and time consuming for clinics and hospitals. It is highly critical that the process be carried out in an efficient and timely manner. Scrupulous eligibility verification will help in reducing claim denials due to erroneous billing, which in turn can save significant loss of revenue.

Our Role

Upon receiving all the necessary information, we thoroughly review the documents and process the necessary validation. Verification and Validation of insurance Eligibility and Coverage will assist

Achieve the optimal payment possible
Reduce denials and other coverage issues
Improvise and elevate hassle-free customer experience


Pre-authorization are sometimes required by insurance companies prior to agreeing to cover certain medical procedures. This requires careful and close coordination with the insurance companies.

Our Role

We coordinate with insurance carriers to get authorization if required. This assist our clients in managing receivables better and collect dues on time from insurance carriers. This helps in

Receiving timely per-auth / pre-cert Id details from insurance carriers
Ensuring timely payments

Why Velan?

Equipped with experience and expertise, we have etched a strong name for ourselves in the Healthcare Industry. Velan is well acquainted with the in’s and out’s of medical billing and coding procedure, we cater to the needs of our clients with the sensitivity and sensibility the task requires. Some top reasons our clients choose us


We provide quality services at highly competitive and cost effective prices. The practice/facility can rest their worries about the revenue cycle management and free up your internal resources for other critical business operations that may be important for the practice/facility-growth.

HIPAA Compliance & Data security

When it comes to data compliance and security we have a “Zero tolerance policy”. All our patient, coding and billing data are 100% HIPAA compliant and strictly adhere to industrial standards.

State-of-Art Infrastructure

Equipped with the latest infrastructure, we provide services to clients all around the globe with a minimal turnaround time. Our staff are prepared to use of most popular and trending software practices utilize today. There is never a need to purchase new software.

Error-free Demographic Entry

With a high level of proficiency for precision and accuracy our staff can assure you error-free patient demographic entry. This in turn, helps in immediate acceptance of claims upon submission.

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