Denial Management

A major issue faced by many health care providers is the fact that a large number of rejected claims go unattended and never gets resubmitted in the given course of time. Denial Management is the process of meticulously scrutinizing the claims that have been rejected in order to make necessary changes and rebill before the stipulated period. This service is solely dedicated to minimize the loss of reimbursements due to denied claims that are never resubmitted.

Our Role

Claims that have been incorrectly denied need to be appealed. We prepare appeal letters and send supporting documents including medical records for processing. Our team of experts, with an eye for miniscule details hardly let anything go unnoticed. Equipped a knack developed over a decade of experience they can

Help conduct a thorough analysis of every denied claim, make the necessary corrections, and follow up to convert it into a clean claim
Help improve revenue realization
Help introduce preventive measures for future billing

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