Co-sourcing is advisable for processes that an organization does not want to completely allocate to an external provider. It has helped many organizations mitigate risks and optimize the internal functioning. It has also helped generate a new value that can be converted to sustainable competitive advantages in the long run.

Our Role

By Co-sourcing with us, our clients are able to attain new heights of efficiency by maximum utilization of internal resource processes. This, in turn renders a fair level of in-house flexibility and control.

As for clients who do not have the required staff or skill to steer through revenue cycle management, we’ve helped make all the difference.

The best part about co sourcing is that it can be a solution in any business process from billing, medical coding, business development, denial management services all the way to healthcare information technology development. Some of the perks that come with co-sourcing are that it

Helps in effective cost cutting and boosting productivity
Provides a wider degree of flexibility to the in-house team
Enables up scaling of a firm without the need for hiring more expensive staff
Frees up in-house team, who can then focus more on the internal tasks
Helps ensure that the IT security is up to date and there are no vulnerabilities putting the business at risk

Co-Source with Velan today!

  • Patient Enrollment
  • Coding of Medical Charts
  • Payment Posting
  • Denial Management
  • Eligibility & Verification
  • Charge Capture
  • Payment Review
  • Follow Up on Outstanding Claims
  • Pre-Authorization / Pre-Certification
  • Claim Generation & Submission

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