Medical Coding

Medical coding is a lot like translation. Medical reports containing a patient’s condition, doctor’s diagnosis or prescriptions or any other procedure involved are taken and converted to a set of CPT/ICD-10 codes. These codes in turn play a crucial part in the part of medical claim. Codingrequires immense precision and accuracy.

Our Role

Correct coding is highly decisive for receiving proper reimbursements. A robust coding program has never been more critical to the success of healthcare organizations than it is now

Our certified coders will ensure

The correct procedure anddiagnosis codes are identified from CPT and ICD-10 CM manuals
The selection of appropriate codes in order for the customers to get paid accurately for services delivered
The avoidance of the possibilities of under-coding or over-coding of reports which may further lead to loss of revenues. Training at regular intervals helps our coders improve their skills, which in turn benefits our customer

Charge Validation

Charge validation is one of the key and crucial areas in medical billing. In the billing charge entry process, the patient’s accounts are assigned with appropriate cost as per the coding and corresponding fee structure. The charges entered will determine the reimbursements for provider’s service. Therefore, care should be taken to avoid any charge entry errors which may lead to denial of the claims. Moreover, good coordination between the coding and the charge entry team will produce enhanced results.

Charge validation can drastically improve documentation and dial down on the complexity involved in the entire medical billing process. The first eighty percent of payments are easy to amass, but the remaining twenty percent is where the real hassle lies in. Acquiring this twenty percent will make all the difference at the end of the day.

Our Role

Our staffs are equipped with excellent skill sets in handling charge entry for different medical billing specialities. If the teams find an issue at the time of entry, the charge entry for is put on hold and a clarification is sought from the client before entering the charges.

Charge validation itself is a complex process that requires tremendous accuracy and precision, hence hiring a team with ample experience in this domain is highly essential to carry it out seamlessly.

We understand there are specific rules based on which charges are entered into a client’s medical billing system. Documents that are on hold are sent to the client for clarification. The final charges are then put through a quality assessment team, after which clean claims are sent for transmissions. With over a decade of experience in this arena we can help you with

Capturing and validating the charges accurately through a team of experienced professionals
Assisting customers in submitting clean claims
Reducing the time involved in claim submission
Reducing claim denials due to inaccurate details
We maintain a turnaround time of 24/48 hours for capturing / validating charges.

Claim Generation and Submission

We ensure every medical claim is submitted properly. We have a system in place with a series of checks and balances, which allows for a quick turnaround time. We adhere to a strict “no error, no delay” policy. This process reduces the number of days your medical claim is outstanding. We understand our clients’ cash flow requirements.

Our Role

Our team can help

With both electronic and paper claims
Generate claims within permissible filing limits
Reduce delays in claim submissions
We maintain a turnaround time of 24/48 hours for capturing / validating charges.

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