Account Receivables Management

An account receivables report can be used as a barometer to study the financial health of a firm in close conjunction with account payable. The importance of account receivables in the growth of a firm/practise cannot be overstressed.

It is not only about maintaining a record to tally the income generation, a system can competently foresee and tackle dimensional issues of productivity to assist in strengthening the practice/facility financial holds.

Our Role

Our team will skilfully help with the timely management of accounts receivables and execution of the appropriate follow-ups, which in turn

Can help build strong bonds with client and customers
Can help sustain healthy cash flow
Can help in better predicting cash flows
Can help improve revenue realization

Backlogged Account Receivables

As the old saying goes, “A stitch in time saves nine”, so should the time span involved between outstanding claims and its reimbursement realizationbe kept minimal. Generally time constraints and lack of a legal hand can impede medical providers from running a thorough investigation of the claim denials andthis can easily stall the pipeline thereon.

Our Role

Our team can unshackle you from the concerns that surround this segment of the cycle by

Helping intervene, investigate and implement the necessary steps to unravel through the labyrinth involved and hence keep the cycle rolling
Helping channelize payment or transaction modes
Resolving disputed claims or balances from the insurance providers
Helping protect client’s brand image
Helping forecast likely scenarios and prepare course of actions accordingly

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